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Your Plans Will Change

“Your plans will change every three seconds while you’re travelling.”

They told us that during the work and travel talk earlier this week and it has proven true many times already.

When we left America Lewis and I hadn’t planned much past the Ultimate week. Roughly, we expected to travel northwards and start looking for flats and jobs pretty much straightaway. We didn’t exactly expect to be spending another (gigantic) chunk of money on more travel on our third day in Australia.

Ultimate does another program called the East Coast Tour that they recommend after you do the Ultimate Oz week. Basically it covers everything on my Australia bucket list. Koalas, kayaking with dolphins, Byron Bay, surfing lessons, skydiving, Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Noosa, wine tastings and so so much more. Its hard to describe but basically it’s a road trip of the east coast and you can hop on and hop off at any time. When you pay you get access to the tour bus and guide, 32 nights accommodation at top hostels down the coast and all the activities included. We’ve booked through from Sydney to Noosa and then we will carry on with the second half of the tour later in the year (or whenever else we feel like it).

Between Sydney and Noosa alone we will be visiting Hunter Valley vineyards for a wine tasting, river tubing at Barrington Tops national park, visiting a kola hospital, going ocean rafting, camping, kayaking with dolphins, have surfing lessons and a million other things all over the course of two weeks.

It’s going to be incredible and I cannot wait! Even better so many other people from our Oz week will be on it with us so it’ll be some of our same group of friends. It was just tough to spend so much money up front but I’m so so glad we did because now we are guaranteed to do all these incredible things in such a fun and low stress way.

We booked the east coast tour on the third day of our week to start the Tuesday after the week ended today. Funny enough that plan has already changed because unbeknownst to us the Queens birthday is Monday the 28th and Australia has the day off which meant that all the hostels in Byron Bay were booked up for the long weekend we would have been there for. So we’ve delayed the start to our road trip til the following Tuesday, October (October?!????) 4th. Which actually works out because more of our friends are doing that one. The only problem is we have to find accommodation for Wednesday to Sunday this week. We are staying in our same hostel on Sunday and Monday night this week so that’s sorted. Our lovey new friend offered us her apartment for Wednesday and Thursday night so we’ve taken her up on that. Plans for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night are TBD. Keep ya posted.

It’s funny because as I was leaving the states I was wondering how I was going to live without my agenda book that is like my bible whilst I’m home and I’m laughing now because even if I had had room to bring it with me it would’ve been completely useless with all the scratch out marks from plans changing so often. Already traveling is teaching me to be a little more flexible with life!

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