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What To Wear: Italy Packing List

You’ve booked your flights, ironed out the itinerary details, taken the time off work and now the day you have been waiting for is almost here. But your suitcase lies empty in front of you and you are at a loss as to one big question: what do I need to pack for a luxury vacation in Italy? Don’t worry… I’ve got you covered.

The first thing to understand is that Italians, as with most Europeans, take a great sense of pride in what they wear. Whereas ‘athleisure’ has topped the charts in clothing popularity in America, Italians dress with a sense of style as deeprooted as their nonna’s marinara recipe.

That being said, you don’t need to wear a full suit while walking around Milan. Swap ripped jeans for clean cut denim, rubber flip flops for nicer sandals, sweatshirts for a cardigan.

The next thing to consider when packing for an Italian Vacation is the time of year you’ll be travelling. Winter in Italy is mostly chilly and wet. Be sure to pack items that will keep you warm and dry, instead of filling your suitcase with bulky items, bring clothing made from fabrics that will wash quickly. However, the summer sun in Italy is strong and can be very hot.

Linen also reigns king in Italian fashion. Specifically in summer, linen is the best fabric for coolness and comfort in hot climates. Linen dries quickly, should you venture too close to the ocean. It allows the skin to breathe, and better allows the air to circulate round the body and looks beautiful. Should it wrinkle, all you need to do is hang it up your garment by the shower before you wear it so that steam smoothes it out.

For women, I always recommend traveling with a pashmina scarf (or shawl). If the flight becomes chilly, the scarf goes from a trendy accessory to a makeshift blanket. Throw one in your bag if you’ll be out as the sun sets. The temperate can drop significantly after dark.

‘Dryers’ are a very Western appliance and you’ll find that many European homes don’t occupy one. Instead, washing clothes and hanging them outdoors to dry is the norm. For that reason, thinner, fast drying fabrics that you are able to layer are smart to bring.

Comfortable sandals/walking shoes: It’s important to find that fine balance between style and comfort. In Positano, for example, with it’s cobble stoned road, winding staircases, and steep descents, you’re going to need some flat comfortable sandals (leave your pointy heels at home!).

Crossbody purses are always a favorite when traveling. You’ll want to have your hands free to take photographs, inspect items of interest in markets, or hold a cone of gelato. We suggest a crossbody bag with a zipper so your items will be secure when walking through crowded markets or busy cities.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments if there is anything I forgot :)

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