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Two Weeks to OZ!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be at the airport waiting to board my flight to Australia! It still doesn’t feel like a real thing that’s actually going to happen.

Lewis is home in England, my best friend in town is off on a cross-country road trip, and everyone else I know is busy working and getting ready for the new school year so I am in full work and packing mode. It’s time to get the not so fun things checked off the to-do list (doctor’s appointments, room clean-out, etc.). In between all that of course I am squeezing in as much last minute Cape Cod beach time as possible.

What I am most excited for…

The first day that we get to really explore and see some iconic Sydney things. I can’t wait to see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the first time.

Likewise I’m really looking forward to doing the coastal walk that goes all along the major Sydney beaches.

Hearing all the Australian accents when we get on the plane from Dubai to Sydney.

I am excited and nervous about deciding what area we are going to want to live in. I kind of love that we are free to pick anywhere but I feel like there is going to be some pressure to hurry up and decide quickly so we can start working and having a little income.

What I am stressing about…

UM PACKING. So many shoes… so many activities to dress for… just 65 small liters to fill *SOS*

$$$ (Duh) but trying not to think about it…

Finding housing! I remember how stressful it was looking for flats in London back in 2013 and I am not looking forward to another experience like that.

Finding jobs— not as stressed about this as maybe I should be, but since we’re not looking for “job jobs” I feel like it shouldn’t be too too hard.

Making friends/meeting people.

In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions of excellent books to read during my upcoming 30+ hours of travel time please please comment them below or email/text me. I am terrible at picking out books for myself and will need some serious page-turners.

Also still would love any suggestions of things to do in Dubai/Sydney when we first get there!


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