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Two Week Update

Somehow we’ve been on the road for two weeks now and it has both felt like two years and two seconds. Funny how that happens.

We’ve done absolutely loads in the last two weeks and now we’ve got a few days in Sydney to just chill out before we have another wild 16 days ahead of us. I had previously written we’d be doing the east coast tour as far as Noosa but now it looks like we’ll be doing Fraser Island as well (no complaints over here!!)

We’ve said goodbye to some of the amazing people we met in the last two weeks and are sad to see them go. Chloe, Sasha and Cailey are off to Perth to work. Becky has gone to Brisbane and Jack and Stan are in who knows where outback working on a ranch (may god be with them lol). We will see some of them back in Sydney for New Years but in the mean time will have to keep each other updated on social media.

Here is a random little list I have been keeping of things about Australia/traveling that have surprised me so far…

  1. Bananas taste weird. Just not as good. Not as sweet. Also they ripen differently. Perfectly yellow ones here are actually not ripe at all and are crunchy and terrible. Oranges on the other hand are consistently delicious. Same with orange juice.

  2. Ketchup is BADDDD. Tastes cinnamony or something and is overall not good.

  3. It’s fucking freezing!!!! Nobody said Australia winters were actually chilly!!

  4. We saw a man in a rest stop on the road back from Melaleuca backpackers who was barefoot! Me and another American girl on the trip were cracking up because that would nevvvvver be allowed to happen back home! No shoes no shirt no service!

  5. No one is fazed by backpackers. Lewis and I couldn’t believe we weren’t getting any weird looks when we traipsed around Sydney with our 450 pounds of luggage and backpacks but literally no one gave us a second glance.

  6. There are so many cool birds here. Seagulls look different, they’re like cleaner and nicer looking than at home. Birds at the park are just prettier.

  7. Driving along the highway you’ll probably see kangaroos in fields or on farms. Just the average.

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