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Trip to Suffolk, England


I went on a super spontaneous trip last week! Lewis has been in England for the last few weeks and I was getting a bit fed up with being long distance so with a quick look at my schedule I decided to book a flight to England for the next day.

Usually when I go to England I spend my time in London, but for this trip Lewis and I stayed at Lewis’s parent’s house in Suffolk, England. Suffolk is easily reachable by train from London with a stop in Ipswich. My journey to Suffolk was pretty smooth but loooong. Bus to Boston Logan, flight to London Heathrow, tube to Acton Green—then the tube broke down— so at 4am I took an Uber to Notting Hill Gate then tube to London Liverpool. Train to Ipswich and then switch to a smaller train up to Suffolk. The whole thing took more than 12 hours. Lucky I’ve done that journey what feels like thousands of times by now so it wasn’t very stressful.

I took a quick nap when I finally arrived at Lewis’s house and then we were straight out for a meal at Wetherspoons to celebrate his grandfather’s 81st birthday.Our trip was pretty mellow (for our standards anyway!) but I thought I’d share some of my favorite activities up in Suffolk for any Londoners who may be looking for a relaxing trip to the countryside from the city.



A walk around Southwold is always a must.


Southwold is the quintessential British seaside town. A popular spot for Londoners looking for a break from the city, Southwold is a destination year-round. My favorite part of the area are the many colourful bach huts that line the shore.



If you like fish and chips, you’ll be in heaven here. There are so many great places to get fresh fish and steaming hot chips. I’d recommend Sole Bay Fish Co. for a classic experience or the Red Lion Pub if you’re looking for more of a sit-down restaurant.


Adnams Brewery also offers tours for £20 per person, which includes the tour, tastings, and a bottle of beer to take home.

Although we didn’t go this trip, nearby Aldebrugh is worth a visit as well.

Lewis discovered Urban Jungle Cafe because it kept showing up on his Instagram feed. As soon as we got there we could see why.


It’s a total break from the standard, especially in Suffolk. It actually really reminded me of the trendy, photo-worthy type of cafe’s that dominate Bali. I kept thinking what an excellent spot this tranquil and refreshing space would be to settle in and do some work.


One day we drove north to Norfolk and visited the seals at Horsey Beach.


I’d done this years ago on one of my first ever days in England before I started my semester abroad. Lewis and I went with his family on New Year’s Day and I just remember being v hungover in the backseat on the ride out there haha. Anyways, this is a super cool destination that you wouldn’t get most other places.


We paid a quick visit to Norwich because I can’t go to England without a haul at Topshop. We didn’t spend too much time in Norwich but it’s good for shopping in the area. Norwich Castle and Cathedral are also popular draws.

I was excited to be in England again for the lambs being born!


How cute are they! We usually bike out here because Lewis’s family likes to get the fresh eggs from this farm and this time of year they have loads of little baby lambs running around. I wanted to take one home with me!


To be honest, biking and hiking are the main things to do in Suffolk but it is very relaxing and beautiful to be out in the countryside. I am so glad I decided to go out on such a spur of the moment trip.


Also funny enough, there was only 25 people on my flight back to Boston at the end — only 6 other people were sitting in my cabin. Kind of freaky/cool to have an entire Boeing 777 to yourself.

Are you planning a trip to England sometime soon? Check out my guide to ALL of London’s activities here. I’d also recommend the London historical pub tour. Or get acquainted with the city on a bike tour!

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