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Trader Joe’s Middle Eastern “Pizzas”

My roommate Allie and I woke up early this morning to try out Urban Life Spin in downtown Syracuse. I’m so glad Allie is always up for my last minute adventures! This class was HARD. First of all it was really hard to find. Urban Life is located in a gigantic warehouse downtown. There’s also crossfit and a yoga studio which I’m really excited to try. But first the cycling. I’m used to Soul Cycle which is more about cardio, speed, rhythm. Soul Cycle is a group workout but it’s you pushing yourself as hard as you want to. Urban Life was a lot more interactive. At times we paired up and sprinted relay-race style. Other times we were put into groups of four or five and did a group challenge. It was cool! A very different style of class, and much heavier emphasis on interval training and muscle building. All in all, it was super challenging and a great workout.


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