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The Best Thai Cooking Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

If you are visiting Thailand, taking a Thai cooking course is an absolute must-do! When we were in Chiang Mai for our honeymoon we signed up for “The Best Thai Cooking Course” and ate some of the best food of our whole trip…

Chiang Mai is a great jumping off place for many popular tours and activities to do in Thailand. There are plenty of elephant sanctuaries nearby (just do your research to make sure you’re going to an ethical one) which were really popular with friends of ours who have been to Chiang Mai before. Another popular activity is to do a cooking class which we did with a company called “The Best Thai Cooking School.”

Our class was without a doubt one of my favorite activities we did in Thailand! The company offers two time-slots for their classes, a morning option from 9-2 or an afternoon/evening option from 4-8:30. We opted for evening so we could plan this to be our dinner.

Like most tours in Asia, we were picked up at our hotel by an air-conditioned van. Our group was made up of about 6 or so couples. Our three guides began the afternoon by taking us to a small local market. There, they taught us all about the special Thai ingredients we would be cooking with. Then, we had a few minutes to explore and pick up any other things to take home.


After the market we boarded back into the van and drove about 30 minutes outside of the city to their farm and cooking school. It was so beautiful there! 


We each got an apron and got set up with our own little outdoor cooking station and all the tools we needed. We cooked tom yum soup, pad thai, stir fry, different curries and mango sticky rice and ate in courses so everything was hot.


Every single thing was so delicious I couldn’t believe I had cooked it myself! The main chef, Yam, kept us cracking up the whole time. The three teachers together seemed like they were great friends and they honestly made the experience for me. They had us all laughing so hard. 

At the end we all received little cookbooks with info on all the ingredients we cooked with and recipes for all the dishes we made. I’ve already gone out and bought a wok pan and tried to recreate the pad thai — it was good but not quite the same haha. 

Have you done a cooking course in Thailand? What was your favorite dish? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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