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Spontaneous NYC

I am off on another trip!

Last minute adventures has seriously been my thing lately and I don’t hate it. Yesterday I was trying desperately to figure out what activities I could plan for myself this weekend in order to avoid dying of boredom while my roommates all participated in sorority recruitment. I literally had from Thursday at two p.m. til Tuesday morning free because of the long weekend and I knew no amount of binge-(re)watching One Tree Hill would satisfy me. So I bought a ticket!

Tess lent me some black clothing and a leather jacket and my bags were packed.

I am off to NYC to visit Emma!

I am even on the bus as I type this on my handy new iPad keyboard.

I am so excited. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the city I do appreciate it for a weekend adventure. And more importantly, I cannot wait to catch up with Emma. Considering how inseperable we were for almost all of Freshman and Sophomore year it is INSANE to me that it’s been almost two years since we last saw each other. Time really does go too fast.

I don’t really know what we hve planned this weekend but she mentioned Tea at Bergdorf’s which sounds fancy and also very British so of course I’m down. I’d love to see the Met and be a little touristy and of course have a proper NYC brunch (#eatingfortheinsta). No matter what we do I know it’ll be great to spend time with a good friend and explore a new city. I’ll keep ya updated!

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