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Snapshot Scene – My Favorite Photo from My Semester in London


This is my favorite photo from the six months I spent in the UK. My roommates and I had just gotten the keys to our new flat. It was a tiny two bedroom that the four of us would share, but it was in central London and only a five minute walk from Hyde Park and we were excited to finally start feeling settled in our new country.

We spent the morning moving all of our belongings over from the Holborn hotel that had been our home for the last week to where we would be living inQueensway. We could only afford one cab and we had to sit on top of our suitcases so we could fit everything in only one trip. We had no bed sheets, pillows or bath towels so, with the help of Google, we naively ventured to the tourist shopping mecca of Oxford Street’s Primark and John Lewis. When we stepped out of our flat we realized how starving we were. A week in and we were already dirt-poor but the pizzas at the shop below our flat were cut into fourths and you could smell them baking from the street.

We boarded our first-ever red-double-decker and the four of us took the front seats on the top level. I’ll never forget how it felt. To be moving in in a new country. With new friends. An entire continent’s worth of NEW ahead. The satisfaction of curing hunger with a gigantic slice of pizza. The satisfaction of curing restlessness with the ultimate adventure. It was the start of a journey.

This was the view from our front row seat.

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