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Six Month Update

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Was it really six months ago that I was wrestling with my packing cubes and trying to shove a year’s worth of crap into a 65L backpack? A whole half-a-year ago that I was saying goodbye to my friends, my job at Soul and waving off my family at Logan airport? When your only routine is to not really have a routine, time flies.

Lewis and I have met some legendary people over the last six months and it’s crazy to see where everyone we’ve met has now gone off to. Indonesia, Thailand, England, Germany, Perth, Chicago… people who we met in this funny little bubble of crazy nomads that backpack Australia’s East Coast are now dispersed throughout the entire WORLD. Wild, huh?

So what’ve we been up to?

After a whirlwind February jetting back and forth from Australia to England to America to back to England to a little stopover in Singapore to Sydney and FINALLY back to Sunny Coast we are back home in Noosa and it is GOOD TO BE HOME. We’ve got our jobs back and (more importantly) our tans back and have hit the road making plans to hit the road (hah).

Since being back we’ve knocked the Noosa Everglades off our Noosa bucket list.

We’ve caught up with our tour friends back in Sydney.

We hosted two friends from camp(!) that we hadn’t seen in two years and explored the fairy pools.

And just chilled.

One thing that has been really awesome is the amount of growth this blog and our Instagram accounts (@katie_lofblad and @explorewright) have had since being out here. Lewis and I have had some incredible opportunities pop up lately that I CANNOT WAIT to share with you all in the next few weeks (so stay tuned!) and it’s entirely due to the support of everyone who is reading, sharing and liking our posts on here as well as on Insta so thank you!!  Please please feel free to share these posts and follow us on Instagram so we can keep having incredible travel experiences to share with all of you!

Speaking of those opportunities we are headed to BALI in just over a week!!! WE ARE PUMPED! It’s going to be a trip of a lifetime and we have so many insanely awesome things planned. We will mainly be visiting Canggu, the Gili Islands and Ubud. We’ve got some fantastic accommodation lined up at a yoga and surf retreat, oceanfront villas, and resorts. We’ve hired a local Balinese man to give us a private tour of temples, waterfalls and rice paddies. We’ve got yoga sessions, massages, surfing lessons all on our mind and I literally don’t know if we’ll ever leave.

As if planning all of that isn’t exciting enough we’re also in the midst of planning the rest of our East Coast tour. We’ll be sailing the Whitsunday Islands, skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef and camping under the stars. Gonna be SICK.

While seeing my friends and family back home was awesome, being away for a month (and experiencing the arctic weather conditions back home) I came back to Oz feeling refreshed, extra appreciative and ready to embrace the rest of this year with open arms.

Stay tuned!


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