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Raspberry Chia Oatmeal

One summer, years ago, my grandmother went on the Atkins diet and had oatmeal for breakfast every morning. Because it took so long to make and she garnished it so carefully with milk and cinnamon and neatly placed frozen blueberries, I knew it was something special. I was soon having her double the recipe so I could have some as well. When I went home in the Fall I returned to my usual breakfast of some form of eggs; either scrambled or fried. It wasn’t until I started combing through Pinterest for leaner, whole food recipes that I rediscovered my love of oatmeal. Eggs are great, but there’s no comparison between which leaves you fuller longer.

I use old fashioned oats because they cook a little faster than steel cut, even though steel cut are a little bit better for you because they are less processed. I cook my oats in milk for added protein and its much more flavorful than cooking in water. Another great way to add protein and fiber to oatmeal is sprinkling in a half tablespoon of chia seeds. Chia seeds don’t add any flavor and the texture is virtually unnoticeable, but they’re a great source of antioxidants.

I top off my oatmeal with a dollop of raspberry preserves. I’m addicted to the Bonne Maman preserves and stirring a spoonful of the raspberry preserves into oatmeal makes it almost taste like a dessert (without the calories!). Even better, pour the oatmeal over frozen fruit so the fruit thaws by the time you get to it. Deeeelicious.

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