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Rail Exploring in Rhode Island

For one of our first outings since quarantine we ventured to Rhode Island to do something that’s been on our bucket lists for a while now: Rail Exploring with Rail Explorers Rhode Island!

Rail Exploring means pedaling a little vehicle that rides along abandoned railroad tracks. It’s definitely a little bit of a workout, but I was surprised at how easy it actually is! It’s certainly family-friendly in the sense that younger kids or even grandparents could easily participate. 

The Rhode Island Rail Explorers track is along the Old Colony Railroad. You pedal along the beautiful Narragansett Bay on either their Southern or Northern circuits. We did the Southern Circuit where you pedal about 3 miles until you reach their Bayside look out where you can enjoy a frosty drink and take in the gorgeous view and then you turn around and pedal the 3 miles back.

Rail Explorers is also a perfect activity to do during COVID-times because you can either book in as a tandem rail explorer (2 seats) or a quad rail explorer (4 seats) and you’re only seated with the people you booked with. The company did a really thorough job of sanitizing each car before and after our rides. 

If you have time in Rhode Island, the Newport Vineyard is really close to the Rail Explorers HQ and I would definitely recommend checking that out after your pedal :) 

Rail Explorers also offers tours in Las Vegas and the Catskills of New York. 

Thank you Rail Explorers for a great experience! Have you ever rail explored?


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