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My Favorite Purchases of 2020

I love reading other people’s round-ups of their all-time favorite products of the year. The following are products I loved so much that I purchased again and again over the last year. I highly recommend everything on this list!

  1. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

I got this for Christmas 2019 and I had no idea how much I would actually use it. I used this every single day on my trip to Rome in January and Thailand in February. I love wearing it across my body rather than around my waist. I can’t recommend it enough for travel because all of your essentials feel so safe and protected but also super accessible (for you). I would keep my passport, wallet, camera, phone and keys in there and still have room for a few more items (like hand sanitizer and sunglasses). Now that we’re not really travelling as much anymore I still get a ton of use out of it as a hands-free way to carry my essentials when I am out on a hike or dog walk.

  1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

In 2020 my all time favorite moisturizer (Ole Henrikson’s Nurture Me) was discontinued. I tried a few different products (Ole Henrikson’s C cream and Glossier’s moisturizer) both of which I really didn't love before finding First Aid Beauty’s repair cream. For a long time, I didn’t think it was a cream that could be used on your face because of the large bottle, but it’s completely face friendly and SO hydrating! I can’t believe the value of how much product you get. It’s very gentle and unscented so I feel good about using it too.

  1. Niacinamide Serum

This is a product I actually discovered in 2019 but really grew to love in 2020 and have re-purchased more than 3x. Nothing has made my skin smoother, my pores smaller, and my oily/dry combo skin feel more “normal” than Niacinamide. I’ve tried the serum from Glossier, Naturium and The Ordinary and I would confidently recommend all but Naturium is probably my #1 pick for value and price.

  1. Aritzia Super Puff

I bought this Instagram-famous jacket in late November on a bit of a whim but I am SO pleasantly surprised at just how warm and functional it actually is. Next season I may even purchase a longer version because I would actually say it’s warmer than my North Face parka.

  1. Hydroflask

I feel like this doesn't really need an explanation but I was late to the Hydroflask game. I didn’t want to spend the money on a trendy water bottle but I finally broke when I realized my smaller (and less insulated) water bottle was just not making the cut for long days at the beach this summer. So I invested and am actually so glad I did. I really do find myself drinking more water when I have the straw top on and the bottle has held up great with everyday use since June.

  1. Eeboo Puzzles

Puzzles! The entertainment savior of 2020. I feel like I did a million puzzles this year but by far my favorite ones have been from Eeboo. I love the bright colors, little details and beautiful illustrations.

  1. Nike Joggers

Another very 2020 appropriate favorite. If you’re like me, you probably spent a good amount of $$ on trial and error joggers in the Spring. My hands-down, all-time favorites are these pairs from Nike. I bought my first pair and was literally taking them off to put them in the wash and then putting them straight back on once the dryer ended. Finally, I ended up buying a 2nd (and 3rd….) pair and I’ve also gotten a few friends hooked on them too. They’re warm and snuggly without being too hot, loose without being clownish and the black makes them feel a little more “dressed up.”

  1. Nike Airmax 270

Raise your hand if you went on what feels like a MILLION walks this year. Yeah, me too! I put some serious miles on my Nike Airmax 270s and have repurchased a 2nd pair and am already eyeing up a 3rd. For me, these are sleek, comfortable, and perfect for long walks or runs.

  1. Lululemon Align Leggings

If you wear leggings and you don’t own a pair of Aligns you should go out and get some today! Yes, lululemon leggings are expensive but the Aligns are so comfortable. They’re NOT for working out. Do not work out in them, they will be ruined. But, they are the most comfortable and stretchy leggings for hanging out, running errands or going on casual walks. They come in tons of colors and you can usually find some patterns or seasonal colors on sale in the We Made Too Much section of lululemon’s website. Trust me, once you have your first pair you’ll be wanting more!

  1. Airpods

Another item that I was definitely late to the game with but if you’re on the fence about investing in Airpods I would highly recommend it. Especially in 2020 when Zoom calls and phone calls replaced regular face-to-face interaction. I found myself multitasking while on the phone so much more often than ever before and not having the pesky cord get in the way made things much easier.

What were your favorite purchases of 2020? Let me know in the comments below!


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