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Lazy Fajita Wraps

OK, I’m not sure “lazy” is the right word for this situation. More like, “worked out too hard to be anything but lazy.” On Mondays and Wednesdays I have extreme fitness days. When I come home from an hour of spin class and an hour of boot camp I am always craving some sort of Mexican inspired food. Today that took the form of Lazy Fajita Wraps.


Look how beautiful and colorful they are!

I had half a green and half a yellow pepper leftover from another meal. I chopped them up into thin strips along with some sliced white onion and sauteed them until slightly browned. Other additions could be tomato, red pepper, purple onion, whatever else you like!

But what’s a fajita without guac? I diced an avocado into small cubes, threw in a dash of garlic powder and cracked pepper, and smashed it all up with a fork. Delicious and done. The salsa is from a jar and it makes up for the spice that I didn’t add to the sauteed veggies.


I am so loyal to these wraps, I literally won’t buy anything else. I have a hard time finding these tortillas in New York so I stock up on them whenever I am back in Boston and freeze them. It is so shockingly difficult to find wraps that aren’t loaded with unnecessary carbs and calories. I always thought that wraps were a healthier option than bread, but that’s not always the case.

Joseph’s wraps are no cholesterol, low carb, high protein option. They contain Flax which is an excellent source of Omega-3, as well as oat bran and whole wheat. And they are SO delicious!

This recipe is a perfect example that green-eating and vegetarianism does not have to be difficult! The tortillas and the avocado in this recipe provide a great source of protein and adding black beans and cheese would add even more.

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