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Updated Guide to Positano, Italy 2023

If I could only travel to one place for the rest of my life, it would be (without hesitation), Italy! And more specifically, Positano. If you are planning a bucket list trip to Positano, Italy, here are some of the must-do places to eat, beach and drink!

Ever since my first visit to Positano with my mom back in 2017, I have dreamt of it’s rocky coastline, lush landscapes, and breathtaking vistas. Last summer I finally convinced Lewis to take a trip back to Positano with me and we are proud to report that it lived up to my memories!

One thing to note about Positano – it’s expensive. There’s no point in sugarcoating it. It’s a pricy destination especially during the peak months of July and August. You can look into visiting during shoulder season (Late May/June and September) where you might find slightly better rates. I would recommend traveling to Italy in June where you can get in before school holidays let out and the summer heat doesn’t get too out of control. While I could quite happily spend a week or two in Positano alone, 3-4 nights will be enough to get a taste of the area without feeling too rushed. I also would not recommend trying to save money by staying outside of the main town of Positano. Part of what makes visiting Positano so enjoyable is how walkable it is and how convenient it is to get from place to place. Driving in Amalfi is very intimidating as there are so many long winding roads and cliffs.

Where to Stay:

  • Hotel Poseidon: This is where Lewis and I stayed in 2022. I can’t recommend it enough!! The views from the breakfast area blew my mind every morning! The on-site restaurant, Il Tridente, is also fantastic. Having a pool onsite was also really incredible. The hotel is featured in the book “One Italian Summer” which I really enjoyed reading during my stay there.

  • Hotel Savoia: My mom and I stayed in Hotel Savoia back in 2017. It’s really centrally located and offers beautiful views of the harbor from the rooms. It was very clean and comfortable.

  • Pensione Maria Luisa: Pensione Maria Luisa is a little further up the hill then Poseidon or Savoia. But if you are fit and OK with a bit of a climb it offers a more affordable option for accommodation in Positano. The rooms are nothing spectacular but they each have a balcony with great views.

  • Le Sirenuse: Probably the most expensive/high end option in Positano. I’ve never stayed here but I have explored the grounds and the hotel is very special!! A great spot for a special occasion like a honeymoon.

Where to eat in Positano: Advance reservations are a must, pretty much everywhere you go in Positano!

  • Chez Black: Chez Black is a Positano classic, located right on the waterfront. I love the heart shaped pizzas and the nautical theme.

  • Rifugio dei Mele: Without a doubt the best restaurant I’ve ever been to in my entire life. It's a bit of a drive outside of Positano, but when you make a reservation the restaurant will arrange to pick you up at your accommodation. When we arrived at the restaurant and walked through to the back patio dining area I legitimately started to cry the view was so beautiful. The food was 10/10, service 10/10…. Everything. Spectacular.

  • Da Vincenzo: Mom and I liked this restaurant so much that we ended up eating here twice!

  • Casa E Bottega: If you are craving something a little lighter after the carb load that Italy can often be… stop by Casa E Bottega for a healthy brunch.

  • Il Tridente: Il Tridente is the restaurant at Hotel Poseidon. We loved our experience eating here on our first night in Positano!

Where to drink:

  • Franco’s Bar: The cocktails are pricey but the view is priceless! Franco’s Bar is part of Le Sirenuse and is amazing for a sunset special occasion.

What to do:

  • Boat Tour with Blue Star Positano you can read about my experience on the day tour to Capri here.

  • Beach Clubs: There are so many to choose from but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arienzo Beach Club! Be sure to make reservations far in advance!

  • Save time for shopping! The shopping in Positano is fantastic.

What do I need to try on my next visit to Positano? Let me know if you try anything from my guide :) As always if you like this post, please share it or leave me a comment!


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