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Business class is THE ONE.

GUYS, guys, seriously, this is the absolute best way to travel.

My flight from Boston to Dubai to Sydney back in September was the absolute worst. It’s 12 hours from Boston to Dubai and then it was another 14 from Dubai to Sydney and let me tell you that is one heck of a long time to sit in a teeny tiny seat right up close to a stranger and not get any sleep. That being said, I was REALLY not looking forward to this flight from Sydney to Singapore (8 hours) and then from Singapore to London (14 hours) until I found out I would be flying in ~*~*bUsInEsS~*~* class woooweeeeee.

Being one of the first people to board a plane is alone enough to make you feel Kardashian level cool (or at least that’s how I felt anyway)…AND THEN YOU SEE YOUR SEAT and you’re like holy shit I’ve made it.

You get your own little drawer to organize all the things you may need during your flight so no more of that magazine/phone/headphones/laptop balancing act disaster.

You get a proper pillow and a hugeeee comfy duvet because GUESS WHAT? That big comfy seat? It reclines into a flat BED. Yeah that’s right a BED. You better believe I was grinning like an absolute loser when i saw that. There a little divider wall that you can press a button for it to go up or down depending on if you want privacy or not. Which hell yeah I did because for all these people know I’m a mad celeb and don’t need any paps bothering me.

Classical music plays while you sip on some complimentary champagne out of a nice little champagne glass rather than the flimsy plastic Dixi cups the *regular* people in Economy get.

Since the journey was broken up into two flights the first flight most people tried to stay awake and the second flight was more for sleeping so you wouldn’t be too jet lagged when you landed in London at 6am. So the first flight I relished in my business class possibilities. The FOOD! the MOVIES! the comfort!!!

And just LOOK at this leg room!

THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD. I ate literally everything and anything they offered me. The tray table was actual table sized and slid around so you could have it wherever was most comfortable for you which seems like a minor detail but actually made life so much more comfortable.

First course (yeah this was a multiple course meal—ON A PLANE) was a caprese salad served an actual plate!

Second course was a stuffed chicken breast and roasted carrots that was probably the most delicious meal I’ve had since my parents were in Noosa with us. There was even a little help-yourself snack area with soft drinks, chocolates, crisps and fruit in case you got hungry in between meals. Incredible.

After a quick hour layover in Singapore where I bought a crazy little magnet and marveled at the beauty and grace that was this little Dunkin Donuts stand I got back on my same seat and settled in for a 14 hour snooze. The cabin lights go all the way off and I transformed my seat into a full-on bed, snuggle up in my duvet and SNOOZE. for the full 14 hours. I’m a notoriously finicky sleeper and i’ve literally NEVER in my life been able to sleep on a plane before so this was MAGIC.

14 hours later we touched down in Londontown and I’ve never felt fresher after 20+ hours of being trapped in a steel flying contraption. So THANK YOU British Airways and PEOPLE I hope you all get the chance to fly fancy because let me tell ya, it does NOT suck.



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