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Five Month Update


Let me start by saying it hasn’t actually been 5 full months just yet… shy by just two weeks but let’s round up haha.

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post for the sake of writing a blog post, my last “update” was at 2 months! Crazy, time has moved along in this weird super-fast at time and super-slow at times way that I think comes from not having had a real routine since we’ve been in Australia. The closest we came to routine was the few weeks we had after we moved into our house starting from when I first got my job at Nitrogenie to when Jack came for a visit. Other than that it’s been a different everyday which I think is kind of a good thing.

My family had their big visit beginning on New Year’s Eve and we had the BEST time. We did everything there is to do in Sydney, hit up Byron Bay, Fraser Island and took Noosa like the real vacationers do. It was incredible.

One great thing that happened in the month of January is that I got my DREAM BIKE!!! Wahoo look how cute it is!!! And I no longer have to fully rely on the bus system to get to and from work. Ah I just love it so much. I wish I could take it home with me

Also we knocked jet skiing off the bucket list! It was awesome but kind of scary! I let Lewis drive for most of it.

  1. The banana drive through

  2. Sunset cruise

  3. Stand up paddle boarding

  4. Eat at Noosa Surf Club.

  5. See The Big Pineapple.

  6. Noosa everglades.

The first one… I am not sure actually exists. The sunset cruise I have since done not once but twice! Stand up paddle boarding Lewis and I did the day before he left and then I did it again on my own last week. Noosa Surf Club.. haven’t really eaten there yet but did wander in and end up at a pretty sick Rubens concert so I think that counts. We did road trip out to the Big Pineapple. And I have a trip to the everglades ready to go as soon as Lewis comes back. I’d say that was pretty successful for my little short list of goals.

Now for my NEW Noosa Bucket List:

  1. Jump off the Noosa Heads bridge (haha not as grim as it sounds, it’s a cool spot to jump into the river from)

  2. Eat at Flux and get the sweet potato fries

  3. Go to the Village Bicycle

  4. Do that Noosa Everglades tour

Upcoming Travel Plans:

  1. Other than London… not quite sure. What I do know is that when Lewis gets back we are going somewhere ASAP. I’m thinking Indonesia.


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