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A Weekend in NYC

NYC last weekend was great! I think the best trips are those with the least amount of planning. Expectations are usually non-existent (because you haven’t had time to form any) so anything works! I feel like I got a pretty solid New York experience without being too over-the-top tourist. The funniest thing though was trying to pay with my Boston Red Sox themed debit card…that got a few comments.

I’d seen so many beautiful pictures of the Met’s Temple of Dendur room on Instagram I really had to see it for myself–it’s stunning!


I coerced Emma into doing what no New Yorker does…venture into Times Square. We went on Sunday evening so it honestly wasn’t that overcrowded. This was definitely the most touristy thing we did all weekend but I feel like we had to!

If you didn’t brunch did you even go to New York? This delicious plate is from a cute neighborhood cafe near Emma’s called Walter‘s.

We must’ve spent hours in Eataly.You could get lost in there! We saw pasta being made, had some delicious samples, bought the BEST smelling limoncello candle, and ate an amazing meal.

But hands down my favorite part of the weekend was high tea at Bergdorf’s. This was super luxurious and so worth it. At first the stack of snacks in front of us didn’t appear to be that much food. But we were stuffed by the time we reached the top tier so we snuck our desserts home.

My lovely host!


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