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A Week in London

It was SO good to be back in London last week.


I feel like ever since I lived there in 2013 every time winter comes around I get this urge to book a ticket and wander around my old neighborhood so I am SO SO happy I finally got that chance.


If you haven’t had a chance check out my post about getting to fly *BUSINESS CLASS* all the way from Sydney to London, my experience dining at OXO Tower and my guide to Borough Market. Besides that though, we did heaps of other fun activities that I can’t wait to tell you all about.

I landed in London at 5am, we checked into our apartment and hit the ground running. We stayed just around the corner from my old flat in Bayswater!

One of the first things we did was get some FOOD.

We paid a visit to my favorite EVER bagel shop Beigal Bake in Brick Lane and ate not one, not two, but THREE bagels each!

They’re that good.

And SO cheap!!! Seriously, get there, it’s amazing. I had the salmon and cream cheese bagel and some plain bagels while Lewis had just cream cheese and then a Nutella filled bagel which he raved about.

Beigal Bake is open 24/7, GO!

Ok enough with the bagel photos…

Lewis and I are lucky enough to have already done many of the big touristy attractions London has to offer so one of the things I was most excited to do this trip around was to literally just aimlessly wander and discover new streets and neighborhoods along the city.

London is SO COOL LIKE THAT, you can just take any wrong turn and find yourself in front of a pub built in the 1800s or a neighborhood of rainbow painted homes. That’s truly my favorite part of London. We found Farmer Street in Notting Hill and I spent probably 20 minutes taking photos and admiring the color schemes of these incredible houses.

And can you get over how adorable all the little pubs are? They’re on every corner and it was all I could do to not run into every single one for a mulled cider and some fish and chips.


Another one of my favorite parts about London is all of the gorgeous public parks. Of course a visit to Hyde Park is a must-do on any trip to London but there’s also Regent’s Park and Holland Park and so many more! Holland Park, just off the central line near Notting Hill, has this awesome Kyoto Garden with peacocks! I loved visiting this area when I was living in London and I always wanted to see the peacock fully spread it’s feathers but it never happened…until now! Look how beautiful it is! I couldn’t stop taking photos.

I could spend days getting lost in Harrod’s. The food! The toys! The gifts! It’s a shopper’s heaven. We also discovered the spy section of Harrods this trip around… definitely worth checking out, they have some pretty cool sneaky stuff!

On our last day in London we checked out a new attraction that neither of us had done before: the Sky Garden!


Tickets to the Sky Garden are free but you have to reserve a time to go in advance. Popular times to go are sunrise and sunset because I can imagine, the views would be UNREAL. We went early morning and the views were great despite the London fog.


I’ve never actually been up in the Shard because it’s too expensive for me, but I bet the views from the Sky Garden would give it a run for it’s money. There are bars, formal restaurants, and a casual cafe at the Sky Garden. We got hot drinks and some muffins and settled in to enjoy the views.

We had such a fantastic trip and I already can’t wait to plan my next trip to England. I love London!

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