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A Day in Capri

A luxury boat, fabulous company, breathtaking views and crystal clear water… what could be better? Mom and I had the opportunity to cruise around the Mediterranean Sea on a day trip to Capri Island with Blue Star Positano during our trip to Italy in June and it was hands down our FAVORITE day in Italy (don’t tell the others).

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And that’s a big statement because literally everyday we had in Italy was perfection.

Mom and I woke up early and packed our bags with sunscreen, swimsuits, and bottles of water before descending the many, many steps down to the beach. I couldn’t help but take a few (thousand) more photos of the absolutely breathtaking Positano waterfront in the morning light.

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We picked up some fresh strawberries and still-warm-from-the-oven apricot croissants and headed to the beach to find the Blue Star check-in booth.


There we were greeted by the friendly team at Blue Star who filled us in on our itinerary for the day. Right away I was blown away by the level of customer service from Blue Star: There’s absolutely LOADS to do in Capri and each guest on the boat got a map marked up with instructions and directions for activities to do on island. They were experts on how to get from place to place and how much time to budget to see as much of the island as possible in the few hours we had there.

There were a few different boats going to Capri that day and as we were waiting to board ours Mom and I overheard some Aussie accents from a couple sitting near us. It turned out they were visiting from a town not too far away from Noosa and we instantly hit it off chatting about Australia and Italy and our travel plans. The woman who had helped us at the Blue Star booth noticed that we had made friends and made a quick change so that the four of us would all be booked on the same boat for the day without us even asking her to. I really thought that went above and beyond the call of duty as far as service goes.

Then we jumped aboard our (absolute stunner) of a boat, O Sole Mio, and met our captain for the day, Massimo.


With the sun blazing down, reflecting on the pure deep teal blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the excellent company it was the recipe for everything a good day should be.


We stopped at a bunch of caves and grottos and Massimo, being the expert captain he is, was able to manuever our boat right up close and into many of the caves. I loved that he would first pull bow first into the caves and then reverse around so the stern pointed in first so both ends of the boat got equally good views and photo opportunities.


We toasted to the fabulous day ahead just before docking in Capri.


When we docked in Capri we hit the ground running: first stop Anacapri.

Let me just start by saying that driving in the Amalfi Coast is NO JOKE. The towns in the Amalfi Coast defeat gravity. They’re literally built up the sides of sheer rock cliffs. The roads climb and weave up rocks like vines and only the locals are skilled enough to deftly maneuver the hairpin turns and steep edges. If you can get past the adrenaline rush of a simple taxi ride from one town to the next the views are beyond spectacular.


Upon visiting Anacapri it was suggested per our map that we take a trip on the Monte Salaro Chairlift but mom and I got so distracted by the shops, the handcrafted sandal cobblers and the cafes that we didn’t save up enough time to ride the chairlift (although it did look super fun and next time I visit Capri you can bet I’m going to give myself more than a day so I have the time to see all these amazing things). But honestly, it all worked out because Anacapri is where we ate THE SINGLE MOST MEMORABLE SANDWICH I HAVE EVER EATEN IN ALL TIME.


And it was by complete accident! We were literally looking for the quickest meal we could find so we would have more time to shop. Usually I am a Yelp! fiend and have to look up reviews of every single place we stop for food, but we just stumbled upon this place and sat and behold– the sandwich of a lifetime. Head to Sciue’ Sciue’ in Anacapri for a literally UNFORGETTABLE eating experience!


These gigantic lemons grow all over Positano and Capri and they make for the most delicious lemonade!

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After lunch we ogled the millions of different custom sandal options and finally selected a pair to be made right in front of us by this lovely Italian fellow.


We took a cab back down Capri so that we could then visit the Giardini di Augusto… Gardens of Augustus. WOW the views from this place were UNBELIEVABLE.


I really wish I had had more time in Capri!! I could not stop taking photos… and can you blame me?! Entrance to these stunning gardens was only 1 Euro.

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Make sure your camera batteries are charged and maybe go out and buy a whole new memory card just for the photos you’re about to take here. If you’re traveling as a couple or a family THIS IS THE MONEY SHOT FOR THE CHRISTMAS CARD haha.


Unfortunately our time on Capri was running out so we pulled ourselves away from the view and grabbed a gelato from Buonocore Gelato on our way back to the dock.

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To be fair, the gelato definitely minimized the pain about leaving because it was some of the best gelato I had my entire trip to Italy!!

Fabulous Massimo and the rest of our boat crew were waiting on the dock and we resumed our positions at the stern of our beautiful ship. And of course we had to top off the perfect day with a splash of limoncello to celebrate our new friendships and the perfect day in Amalfi!


Thank you SO much Blue Star for what was honestly THE BEST day Mom and I had on our trip to Italy. We loved every second of our day trip to Capri and would FULLY recommend this to anyone who was considering a visit to Amalfi. Absolutely LOVED.

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