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60 Minute Vacation

The weather in New England has been atrocious. Literally, the worst. Ever. I look like a walking sleeping bag every time I step out of my house wrapped up in my down parka, Uggs, and beanie and mittens. I practically don’t even remember what I look like without 29 different layers on. When I went back to Boston for Valentine’s day another blizzard hit the city and I just couldn’t take it anymore when a brilliant beyond brilliant idea occurred to me.


The Wellesley College Botanic Garden.

It was incredible. Everything that I needed. When you walk in a wave of thick humid air hits you and it’s the most wonderful thing ever. It’s warm and green and the exact opposite of the cold, dry, sharp air our lungs are used to lately. I feel like just being in proximity to healthy, green, living things I get healthier. There was one room with only daffodils in it. The air was perfumed with Spring, we couldn’t get enough.


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