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10 Top Wellness Tips from Health Coaches!

Get a Head Start on Health Coaching: Ten Top Wellness Tips From Health Coaches!

  1. Foster a thirst for life: Zoe Keller tells her clients to match every coffee, tea, or juice with a glass of water. She recommends the Water Log app as a convenient way to track water intake. “Staying hydrated so important for both detoxification and elimination but also just the effective running of the ship of your body,” Keller says.

  2. Don’t fear bacteria: “Tons of things throughout the body are all coming through the gut,” says Keller. Healthy bacteria like those found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kabocha, miso and kimchi help clients with digestive issues, as well as builds immunity and reduces inflammation.

  3. Focus on what you CAN eat: Focus on adding beneficial foods into your diet rather than lamenting on what foods should be cut out. Too much of a black and white mentality can be a bad thing. “Focus on adding in the goods instead of the things you can’t have. Your plate should be mostly plants and vegetables. The more you add in that good stuff there’s just not room for the bad stuff,” Ragnone says.

  4. Go on a sugar detox: Keller recommends a weeklong sugar cleanse to reset your relationship with sugar. “It’ll put you in the driver’s seat rather than feeling like you’re just a victim to these cravings,” Keller says.

  5. Buy in bulk: Stores like Whole Foods and Wegmans offer bulk sections where you can purchase grains and nuts for a better deal. Browse Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration on creative ways of re-utilizing bulk items such as quinoa or lentils.

  6. Eat the rainbow: Incorporate as many colors of the rainbow into your diet as possible advises Dawson. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but there are so many nutrients that are valuable in each one. As you’re walking through the farmer’s market or even Whole Foods, try to incorporate whatever colors speak to you are what I try and incorporate into that week’s meal.

  7. Think of every meal as a new opportunity: Try not to get derailed by a “cheat day,” and think of every meal as a new opportunity to reset. “Sure, you may have had meatballs or Shake Shack yesterday but the world isn’t ending and your body is resilient,” says Dawson, adding, “there is always the next meal to add more greens or re-center and refocus without getting so nervous or stressed. Sometimes it can feel like so much, but you go to sleep and wake up and it’s a new day. You can have these moments of celebration and not let food dictate how you’re feeling. Its just part of the experience. Not the whole experience.”

  8. Plan ahead: Just because you’re always on the go doesn’t mean you have to resort to junky fast food. “Plan,” says Gina Ragnone. “If you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Take five extra steps and pack some snacks to make sure you’re going to be good.” Gina recommends sliced veggies and hummus for a quick snack fix.

  9. Shop the perimeter: It may seem elementary, but shopping the perimeter of the grocery store will fill your cart with plant-based items like fruits and vegetables rather than over-processed sugars and carbs. Limit foods that have a label and if they do have a label, make sure they are organic and you can recognize the ingredients,” says Ragnone.

  10. Do what inspires you: Eating well isn’t the only factor in leading a healthy lifestyle. Find what makes you tick and make a habit of it. Whether that’s yoga, running, zumba, or kickboxing. The stress relief that physical activity can bring proves a critical part of a healthy lifestyle.

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