About Me

Hi! I'm Katie.


I’m happiest when I’m exploring new places, lying on the beach or eating fresh foods (and if that were all to happen at once, I’d be set!). I believe in taking every opportunity and living each day with a goal of making ourselves the best we can be…whether that be traveling the world (or just exploring a new corner of your own city), cooking nutritious whole foods, or working out in a new and fun way.

I’m a total homebody but I have some seriously itchy feet when I am in the same place for too long. I am constantly planning my next trip but I will always make my way back home to Boston, MA.

I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in magazine journalism in 2015 and learned quickly that a traditional 9-5 wasn’t going to work out for me. Studying abroad in London in 2014 sparked a passion for adventure and exploration that simply could not be stifled.

I learned that life is not about asking yourself if you CAN do something, it’s about asking yourself how badly you want it. 

So I quit my office job in the city and spent the first half of 2016 balancing three part-time jobs and saving every penny I could get my hands on. It wasn’t easy, but when you have a dream you gotta make it work.

On September 15th, 2016 I set off on a year-long journey to live and work in Australia and see as much of the world as I possibly could.

Today, I have a job that allows me to spread my love of exploring new places with others. I still travel as much as I possibly can – sometimes navigating the exotic locales of my dreams, sometimes finding hidden gems closer to home. 

I dream of someday owning a puppy named Fig and plastering my passport with stamps.…Maybe not in that order.

Follow me on my adventures on this website as well as on my Instagram @katielofblad.